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Heridas de amor / Mīlas rētas(Televisa, 2006)

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Heridas de amor/Mīlas rētas

Gads: 2006
Valsts: Meksika/Telavisa
Sērijas: 125
Dziesma: Ricardo Montaner - "Heridas de Amor" 
Producents: Roberto Hernandezs
Rimeiks Meksikas telenovelei  "Valeria y Maximiliano".


Jacqueline Bracamontes
   .......... Miranda San Llorente de Aragón
Guy Ecker
   .......... Alejandro Luque Buenaventura

Sergio Sendel
   .......... César Beltrán Campuzano

Ingrid Martz
   .......... Renata San Llorente de Aragón

Jose Luis Resendez
   .......... Fabricio Beltrán Campuzano

Diana Bracho
   .......... Bertha de Aragón

Nuria Bages
   .......... Fernanda de Aragón

Jose Elias Moreno
   .......... Francisco Jiménez

Karla Alvarez
   .......... Florencia San Llorente de Aragón

Ernesto D`Alessio
   .......... Juan Jiménez

Antonio Mora
   .......... Joel Jiménez

Rodrigo Tejeda
   .......... Raúl Jiménez

Grettell Valdez
   .......... Pamela Altamirano

Enrique Lizalde
   .......... Gonzalo San Llorente

Lourdes Munguia
   .......... Daira Lemans

Luis Couturier
   .......... Julio Bustamante

Rosangela Balbo
   .......... Rebeca Campuzano

Maria Prado
   .......... Tomasa Aguirre

Pablo Bracho
   .......... Luis Alberto Campos

Haydee Navarra
   .......... Carola Molinar

Vanessa Arias
   .......... Nuria Gómez

Susy Lu
   .......... Verónica Ontiveros

Paola Riquelme
   .......... Erica Duarte

Lina Duran
   .......... Andrea Villamil

Franz Miguel Cossio
   .......... Ángel Bustamante

Marcelo Cordoba
   .......... Daniel Bustamante

Hugo Macias
   .......... Santiago Buenaventura

Carlos Perez
   .......... Sansón

Francisco Vazquez
   .......... Chaquiras

Alicia Delgado
   .......... Naty

Magdaleno Trujillo
   .......... Gabino

Susana Gonzalez

Karina Mora Novelo
   .......... Lizania Luque


Miranda San Llorente De Aragon De Luque

Age: 22 years old
Miranda is a beautiful, young, bright, and strong woman who is very kind. She greatly suffered finding out that her sister Florencia betrayed her by having an affair with Fabricio ( the man she was engaged to and loved). The only reason she is accepting this wrong relationship is because Florencia is dying. When she first met Alejandro she fell in love but neglected it because she thought she still loved Fabricio. Other than this impact in her life she has to suffer the fact that her father is in prison but has to regain her father's fortune and make her other sisters (Florencia and Renata) forgive their biological mother Fernanda. Miranda has to go through many obstacles to live happily with Alejandro and her family.
Alejandro Luque Buenaventura

Age: 35 years old
Alejandro is a handsome, intelligent, and kind man that returned to Mexico with the objective to get revenge against Gonzalo San Llorente (Miranda's father). He believes that Gonzalo murdered his father but forgets his vengeance when he first sets his eyes on Miranda. He then falls in love with her and helps her and her father but through that he has to stand against Bertha and Cesar. He then learns the pain of jealousy and it will change him and teach him that everything in life does not cure with a check.
Bertha De Aragon

Age: 49 years old
Bertha always was jealous and hated her sister Fernanda ( Miranda's Mother) because the love of her life Alfredo Luque (Alejandro's Father) was deeply in love with Fernanda and not her. This lead her to murder Alejandro's father and caused a great separation from Fernanda with her family. Bertha met Alejandro (Alfredo's son) and now she has an interest in him and now she is competing with Miranda to get Alejandro's love. Bertha is a twisted women and because Miranda, Florencia, and Renata are all the dauthers of Fernanda that makes her despise them more.
Cesar Beltran Campuzano

Age: 35 years old
Cesar is sexy and intelligent but he is the villain of the whole drama. He is the jealous brother of Fabricio and loves Miranda but that does not keep him from making Gonzalo's (Miranda's Father) life a living hell. He hates him for receiving the riches his father never got. He hates Rebeca (his mother) because she always preferred Fabricio instead of him. He is the type of man that will do anything in his power to get what he wants. and for He even goes as far as to make a girl think he is in love with her to get information on Gonzalo's Company.'
Gonzalo San Llorente

Age: 55 years old
All his life he lived with the idea that his Ex wife Fernanda had an affair with Alfredo. He never had the chance to know who Alfredo really was which he always wondered. That's way he makes Alejandro his social without knowing that Alejandro is the son of the man that his wife had an affair with. His daughter that he was greatly closed with was Miranda because of the same characteristics they both share. Gonzalo will lose everything shortly because of the harm doing of Bertha and Cesar. He depends on Miranda to help get the family through these problems. He will soon reconcile with Fernanda whom he never stop loving.
Fernanda De Aragon De San Llorente

Age: 45 years old
Fernada is the wife of Gonzalo and the mother of Florencia, Miranda, and Renata. For many years she has suffered not being able to see her daughters because of a misunderstanding that Bertha caused. She is a Doctor and a very kind and generous women. She lives withe pain of the fact that Gonzalo was unfair and misunderstood what had happen with ex lover. She currently is trying to get all 3 of her daughters trust and love again. Ofcourse Bertha and Cesar are standing in the way of regaining her daughters love and even her husband. Fernanda knows with all her heart that Bertha was the cause of her heartbreak and she will do anything in her power to prove that to Gonzalo whom she never stopped loving.
Florencia San Llorente De Aragon De Beltran

Age: 24 years old
The oldest of the trio of daughters. Florencia is a kind woman who is very ill. She ends up stealing Miranda's fiancee and marries him knowing she loved him which torments her. Other than that heartbreak she later finds out her days are numbered and discovers that her mother is doctor Fernanda (her mother). She is currently pregnant and deals with the fact that her unborn child is making her days to death closer than expected. Also it is revealed that she is not the biological daughter of Gonzalo but the daughter of Fernanda's ex lover (Alfredo Luque) which makes her Alejandro's half sister. She still believes in Bertha not knowing she is the one who is causing her death. Other than all that Florencia is an outstanding woman with a warm heart but quite confused. In December Florencia passed away from her severe condition.
Renata San Llorente De Aragon Jimenez

Age: 18 years old
Renata is an immature young lady who often considers herself "high class". She is influenced by Bertha making her think thoughts that are not her. Renata is not very intelligent but her biggest fear is becoming poor and stealing. She is a strong women who catches attitudes easily. She is not afraid to speak her mind on any matter she will often yell at whom she pleases to make her feel big and powerful. She ends up meeting her match which is Juan. When they first meet they had there little arguments to stay closer to each other. Renata means well but she is just influenced by Bertha which does not allow her to make her mind up. Renata hates the idea of meeting her mother because of the "abandonment" her mother did to the family.
Fabricio Beltran Campuzano

Age: 30 years old
He was the fiancé of Miranda but then fell in love with Florencia and married her. He becomes quite confused and jealous when he finds out his best friend Alejandro falls for Miranda. Fabricio also has to deal with the fact that Gonzalo hates him because he cheated on Miranda. Fabricio also gets sad because he finds out his wife is dying and that the last time he will see her is when she gives birth to his first child.
Juan Jimenez

Age: 24 years old
Juan is a very bright, handsome, polite young man with a heart of gold. Always a good student dedicating his life to becoming a doctor and is at the point of his life completing that but a change comes along when he meets Renata. To him Renata is a spoiled stupid little girl with the mind of a child but something about her wakes his heart and he ends up falling in love with her. He then tries to deny it that's why every time she kisses him he tries to act he did not like her kisses but inside he's dying to be with her. They have fights about their difference of financial class and that they can't stand each other but in the end the love is always there.
Francisco Jimenez

Age: 50 years old
All his life working hard to maintain his kids. He tries to be a good father and let his kids know the mistakes they make and how they can pervent more. An honarable man with the best of intentions so his children can have the best of education and life.



Ricardo Montaner Heridas de Amor

Pasa el amor, pasa el dolor y pasa la amargura,
pasa lo que inquieta, pasa el tren a veces y a veces no pasa.
Y Pasa que te cuento todo,
porque a veces pasa que no digo nada
y luego se te olvida que te quiero tanto
Y el tanto se te pasa.

Y A veces pasa que agendamos las tristezas,
pasamos cursos de infelicidad con diez.

Aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea
sin pena ni gloria se muere el amor,
aquí huele a llanto, del llanto que moja
paredes del cielo y orillas del mar.

Y aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea
sin pena ni gloria y heridas de amor.

Pasa te estaba esperando
siéntate a mi lado haber si se te pasa,
hay tanto frió afuera
y aquí adentro el ánimo se nos congela.

Pasa que te cuento todo
porque a veces pasa que no digo nada,
y luego se te olvida que te quiero tanto,
y el tanto se te pasa.

A veces pasa que agendamos las tristezas
pasamos cursos de infelicidad con diez.

Aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea
sin pena ni gloria se muere el amor,
aquí huele a llanto, del llanto que moja
paredes del cielo y orillas del mar.

Aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea,
sin pena ni gloria se muere el amor,
aquí huele a llanto, del llanto que moja
paredes del cielo y orillas del mar.

Aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea
sin pena ni gloria se muere el amor,
aquí huele a llanto, del llanto que moja,
paredes del cielo y orillas del mar.

Aquí huele a pena que mata y golpea
sin pena ni gloria, hay heridas de amor... HERIDAS DE AMOR



Nu dziesma man katrā ziņā patīk - dievinu Ricardo Montaner... Un sižets izklausās tīri interesants. Vienīgā problēma - ciest nevaru Gaju Ekeru un neko tur nespēju padarīt... Nu nepatīk un viss. Bet paldies par info, danna!!! :kiss:



albalonga написал(а):

Nu dziesma man katrā ziņā patīk - dievinu Ricardo Montaner... Un sižets izklausās tīri interesants. Vienīgā problēma - ciest nevaru Gaju Ekeru un neko tur nespēju padarīt... Nu nepatīk un viss. Bet paldies par info, danna!!!

Nu man jau dziesma arī dikti patīk...  :ok2:
Un vispār man jau arī Gajs Ekers nebūt nav mans mīlulis, tas būtu maigi teikts... Bet te kaut kā viņš iederas - izrādās viņš var būt arī tāds šķelmģs, rotaļīgs, jautrs un smaidīt tā neuzspēlējot kā citreiz. Dažas seriālā esošās ainas ar viņu vienkārši dievinu, sevisķi pie upes... Uhhh...  :blush2:
Un par info - nav problēmas - tas, kas man ir mīļs to arī gribas ielikt šeit forumā - lai citi redz un var iepazīties. Tagad skotos Sin Verguenza un Heridas de amor - neko citu, pat par TV. Man pietīk un aizrauj šie abi!!!  :ok2:



Un pats sižets:

Miranda San Llorente is a modern, spirited young woman who seems to have it all: beauty, wealth, and a loving heart. Her millionaire father, Gonzalo San Llorente, has placed his hopes on her as his succesor because, of his three daughters, it is she who most resembles him in drive and character. Florencia, the eldest, suffers from a heart condition that is driving her to an early grave, and the youngest, Renata, is a spoiled, irresponsible teenager. Miranda’s thoughts are on her upcoming wedding. Her fiance, Fabricio Beltran, is soon to return from Germany, where he studied for his doctor´s degree. But Miranda does not suspect that Fabricio is not coming back to marry her, but her sister Florencia.

Bertha de Aragon, her maternal aunt, deliberately brought the two young lovers together out of pure spite, to hurt Miranda, whom she has never been able to manipulate because the girl is not deceived by her aunt’s pretense of kindness. Miranda is a constant reminder of the woman Bertha hates the most, her own sister Fernanda de Aragon.

Fabricio arrives with his friend Alejandro Luque, who believes Gonzalo murdered his father and is intent on seeking revenge. But his mind will be in turmoil when he meets Miranda. He will fall in love for the first time in his life, and this feeling clashes with his desire for vengeance. Miranda, too, is struck by an attraction she cannot understand, and in their love-hate relationship, they will hurt each other and learn the meaning of sweet sorrow.

Gonzalo’s business goes bankrupt due to the mismanagement of Cesar, who is Fabricio’s brother and Bertha’s accomplice. Gonzalo goes to jail and Miranda must find a way to rebuild not only the family fortune, but the family itself, including her mother Fernanda, who left years ago because of Bertha’s gossip and underhandedness.

Also, Miranda and Alejandro will have to overcome the barriers between them, set by Cesar, who loves her, and Bertha, who fell in love with Alejandro at first sight. In this struggle of feelings and passion, of power and pride, Miranda and Alejandro will discover that only those who cause them, can heal the wounds of love.


Вы здесь » TelenovelesLV » #Telenoveles » Heridas de amor / Mīlas rētas(Televisa, 2006)